Frequently Asked Questions
For Restaurants

1) What are the sign-up costs to become a restaurant member?

The costs for sigining up are as follows:
Basic Package: $299
Enhanced Package: $499
Premium Package: $699
These costs cover one year of service.

2) What are the costs for processing each Dining Certificate?'s services include all of the following: (1) Listing your restaurant on our site; (2) Enabling the on-line sale of dining certificates (on our site and, if desired, via a purchase link to our site from your site); (3) Processing of on-line credit card orders (and verification of credit card purchases to prevent fraud, thereby insulating you from risk associated with on-line credit card sales); (4) Printing and mailing of Dining Certificates (our certificates have multiple, sophisticated fraud-prevention features that eliminate the potential for duplication); and (5) Handling of returns as required (see our return policy). To cover the costs for all of these services, retains a 20% commission for each DiningCertificate sold.

3) How long does it take to be listed on the site following completion of the sign-up process?

Basic and Enhanced Packages: 5-8 business days, Premium Package: 8-12 business days.

4) How are we paid for Dining Certificates that are purchased on-line and used at our restaurant?

When a customer purchases a Dining Certificate, an E-mail (and/or fax) will be sent to you letting you know that a specific DiningCertificate has been issued for your establishment, including the amount of the certificate, the name appearing on the certificate (if applicable) and a unique "code" for the DiningCertificate issued.

This information should be entered in your "Certificate Logbook" (provided as part of your membership package). After a customer "redeems" a dining certificate at your restaurant, the server in your restaurant should check the dining certificate to ensure that it is valid (by checking against the current "logbook" entries for valid dining certificates issued). After crossing the certificate off in your logbook, you must fill out the back of the certificate, including your member code and manager's signature and date accepted. Then, mail the voided certificate to A payment (equivalent to 80% of the face value of the certificate) will be issued to your establishment within 8-10 days of receipt of the voided certificate.

5) What are the full terms of the restaurant membership agreement?

Click Here to see full Restaurant Membership Terms and Conditions.



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