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A great way to attract new customers and enhance your on-line marketing efforts!
Increased on-line exposure.
Ability to sell gift certificates online (securely and safely).
Restaurants can sell gift certificates via a simple to create link from your site to Even if you don't yet have a website, you can simply advertise your own gift certificate page directly on
Free listing in restaurant directory (which is promoted on-line and off-line).

Benefits For Restaurants

According to industry reports, more than 180 million people are now online in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, industry estimates indicate that more than 1 million people purchased gift certificates via the Internet in 2001 (in North America). These sales figures are likely to grow steadily in the coming years, based on trends over the past three years. Despite these dramatic figures, some restaurant owners have postponed selling gift certificates on-line because the setup process was either too complex or too expensive. makes selling restaurant gift certificates easy and inexpensive.

We have developed an industry-leading process that enables visitors to your site, or to, to easily and securely purchase dining certificates for your restaurant. Gift certificate purchases can be initiated through your own Web site or ours, making it easy for restaurants which don't yet have sites, as well as those who have sophisticated sites already.

Service Packages

 BASIC PACKAGE:  Enables you to begin selling restaurant gift certificates on-line quickly and easily. If you have an existing web site, we will provide you with instructions and a URL to begin selling Dining Certificates for your restaurant via our secure system. In addition, your restaurant will be listed in the directory, increasing your restaurant's on-line exposure and enabling visitors to immediately buy gift certificates for your restaurant.
Cost: $299 per year.
 ENHANCED PACKAGE:  Includes everything in the basic package. In addition, your restaurant will receive an extended, two-paragraph write-up (which must be provided to via mail in plain text or Microsoft Word format) and a link to your existing web site. Plus, gift certifcates issued for your restaurant will include your restaurant's logo.
Cost: $499 per year.
 PREMIUM PACKAGE:  Includes everything from the enhanced package, plus your restaurant write-up will be listed in our Featured Restaurants section for a minimum of two months following your signup (extendable beyond two months on a paid basis). The Featured Restaurants section enables you to provide up to four paragraphs of information about your restaurant (which must be provided to via email in plain text or Microsoft Word format).
Cost: $699 per year.

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